Training Methodology

Assessment Phase:

During this phase, Ms. Maltzan reads and analyzes all available written materials on a firm’s markets, clients and projects. This may include business plans, marketing reports, performance review formats, and other materials that describe how the firm does work, how the firm is marketed and how business development activities are reported. When feasible and pertinent, Ms. Maltzan may also attend a meeting with a potential new client.

The work product from this phase is a succinct report outlining all findings and prioritizing recommendations for training, coaching and system design. The intent is to identify the current state of the art, what is working effectively and the refinements that will improve results.


Most workshops are designed as half-day events with associated coaching sessions for one-on-one help.  Each workshop is fully customized to use the language of the firm and examples typical for the firm’s real situations. Whenever possible, participants work on real, upcoming situations, not merely hypothetical situations. Workshops typically involve “homework” as one element of ensuring implementation. “Homework” is more accurately defined as assignments that guarantee that individuals will begin to use new skills immediately in the real situations they face.

All workshops are highly interactive, with an emphasis on participation rather than presentation and lecture, in line with effective adult learning theory. All workshops include reinforcement recommendations for integrating the skills into the day-to-day life of the firm.


During an assignment, much is learned about a firm’s current strategy, planning process, marketing approach, and measurement and reporting tools. As part of the assessment report, Ms. Maltzan makes recommendations for refinements or improvements. Firms may choose to make changes independently, or work with Ms. Maltzan to make appropriate changes. (See Consulting for additional information regarding typical consulting assignments.)

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