Coaching Technique

Ms. Maltzan prefers a peer coaching approach.  When coaching is recommended to accompany a workshop, participants choose someone from within the class as a coaching peer.  Following guidelines that are provided, these coaching partners brainstorm challenging situations to come up with their best solutions.  They then meet with Ms. Maltzan to review the situation, their plan, address any remaining questions and further develop the plan, as appropriate.

The Purpose of this method is to encourage self-sufficiency.  Coaching in pairs encourages individuals to take planning as far as possible before going to someone more experienced for help.  Often, the simple act of brainstorming with a peer results in effective plans and creative solutions- without involving a coach at all (either Ms. Maltzan, or later on, busy senior staff.)

Individual coaching is often recommended for principles, especially in situations where the principal:

  • has recently been promoted
  • is not meeting the growth goals for his/her department or division
  • is uncomfortable in presentation situations with other principals
  • has received feedback to the effect that s/he needs to be more effective in communicating with clients or prospective clients.


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