Business Development Training, Coaching and Consulting for Architects, Engineers,
Construction and Other Design Professionals, CPAs and Consultants.

Donna Maltzan helps “reluctant salespeople” become rainmakers.

The most successful professional service firms are relying less on a few
designated rainmakers. Progressive firms are expecting broader participation
from their staff in the work of retaining clients, expanding services to current
clients and attracting new business.

Ms. Maltzan makes business development skills accessible to professionals
who are typically uncomfortable with the “salesperson” label. She will help your
mid-level and senior staff develop a comfortable and effective approach to
selling that capitalizes on their natural professional style. Her results-driven
strategy includes working with clients to design reporting and mentoring
systems. With measurement and coaching in place to support customized skill
training, the most reluctant professionals are able to redefine their role in the
firm and help it grow.


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